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Personal Prayer Life

Establishing a Personal Prayer Discipline

“The significance of a daily prayer life is the time we invest in our own walk of salvation, in and through, Christ.” VEO

“So there is a need for some sort of prayer which is not spontaneous but which is truly rooted in conviction. To find this you can draw from a great many of the existing prayers. We already have a  rich panoply of prayers which were wrought in the throes of faith, by the Holy Spirit. For example, we have the Psalms, we have so many short and long prayers in the liturgical wealth of all the churches from which we can draw. What matters is that you should learn and know enough of such prayers so that at the right moment you are able to find the right prayers.  It is a question of learning by heart enough meaningful passages, from the Psalms or from the prayers of the saints.  Each of us is sensitive to certain passages.  Mark these passages that go deep into your heart, that move you deeply, that make sense, that express something which is already within your experience, either of sin, or of bliss in God, or of struggle.  Learn those passages, because one day when you are so completely low, so profoundly desperate that you cannot call out of your soul any spontaneous expression, any spontaneous wording, you will discover that these words come up and offer themselves to you as a gift of God, as a gift of the Church, as a gift of holiness, helping our simple lack of strength.  And then you really need the prayers you have learnt and made a part of yourself.”

Anthony Bloom
Beginning To Pray, pp. 58-59

Daily Prayer Life
In prayer we can see where we have been, where we are and where we need to direct our steps in order to walk in God's Way.

Ten Steps to a Better Prayer Life
Start by designating a prayer space. Dedicate the use of that space for God alone.

Fasting makes us conscious of our dependence upon God and brings us to where we appreciate the full force of Christ's statement, "Without me you can do nothing".

Proper Preparation for Holy Communion
To heed the guidance of the canons and the voice of the Fathers in making this a regular practice, we must give due attention to properly preparing.

Praying to the Saints
We should seek the intercessions and the fervent prayers of the saints, because they have special 'boldness' (parresia), before God.

Heavely Ascent
As a tool to achieve a perfected spiritual life, Saint John wrote a series of “steps” that each individual must take before he or she can enter the kingdom of God.

Word of God and the Words of Prayer
Learn how even the most benign changes in vocabulary can have far reaching effects.

The Jesus Prayer
It is through prayer and meditation that one becomes closer to God. "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."

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